After nearly 18 hours of coding, I managed to make a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for a Laser Tag game. This goes down as my first ever programming project, and I can’t tell you how happy I am both for completing it and getting the internship as a result. I show them what I had done today, and they really appreciated my work. I could tell that they were surprised when I told them that I had written all the code, and not just used a software to build the GUI. Python, ILY <3 Same for tkinter <3

What’s more, they gave me more work to do after my internals. I need to write a script to log all matches, and something for a bluetooth module, and even a USB module. Well, since it’s Python, it shouldn’t be too hard to code. There are tonnes of libraries too. I am really glad I decided to learn this language. The GUI code was not too difficult after I’d got a hang of it. Loved the total experience. All of this inspires me to work on bigger projects, and I will in the future.