Mushishi dwells into something unimaginable, a world where creatures called Mushi partially co-exist with humans. Only few humans can witness Mushi, and the people who can are either fascinated or apprehended by them. Ginko is a Mushi Master who goes around helping people affected by the Mushi. The story revolves around his life as a Mushi Master, his travels and the different people he meets.

This episodic anime is one of the best I have ever seen. The story is simple, and every episode is so different from one another, that you may never get bored. Although it’s episodic, Yuki Urushibara managed to add a ‘magical’ depth that we usually find in anime that are not episodic. Every episode is based on a natural phenomenon, like rainbows, lakes and Mushi that are the ones who are the ones responsible for them.

The Mushi can only be seen by few because they live in another world, but at the same time live in the one in which human do too. So it is a little like, humans get in the way of Mushi and are affected but have no idea of the cause. The only real ‘flaw’ that I found (not that I was look for one, but it seemed a little obvious) was that: If Mushi are actually life forms from another world, how can they so easily adapt to conditions in the human world? They can act as parasites, symbiotic creatures or even kill a person to live.

That aside, I feel Mushishi is a must watch. Notice how simple can turn out to be so beautiful. Yet another factor for its sanguinity is that it never potrays any event of mal intent. In other words, people and even Mushi are not made to look evil. Everyone is only trying to live their lives (Mushi too!) and there is no depiction of any of the seven sins. It adds to the anime a touch of purity, something you don’t find much in anime these days.

Season 2 is currently airing and I am definitely going to watch it! I can stay optimistic about how it will be, after all it’s Mushishi.