Have you ever wondered why we like anime so much? Is it only because of the cuteness of characters or unrealistic fights that cannot take place in real life. Or is it because we want to escape from our terrible lives for some time? Those are true factors and they are part of the reason you love anime. I would like to tell you about another, maybe a slightly overlooked factor. It answers questions like why watching a movie may not give you the same feeling of satisfaction as does anime.

So why is anime any different from a live action film or TV show? We can even go far enough to compare it with Disney and Pixar productions. There are many reasons, but here’s the one thing I want to talk about: In anime we can read a character’s emotions, their personality and with all that information we are able to ‘judge’ them as people. That is basically why we are able to take a liking toward a certain character. This is true even in the case of live action show which have been running for a long time (and you’ve been watching, of course). The only TV show that I have watched a lot is Friends. After a while, I got totally used to their characters, and it felt a lot like I know these guys, I can understand them. By the way, I loved the show.

Back to the topic at hand, how does anime stand out? Simple, just like we can understand people in TV shows well after a few seasons, we begin to understand anime characters better after a couple of epidsodes into the show. So what makes anime different from a TV show is that we are able to understand ‘our’ characters sooner. But why? The answer to that lies in the way anime is presented. When someone shows any emotion, they make it visible through art. If our character feels shy, his or her cheeks go red. Or if they are disgusted, their facade becomes dark and gets all these vertical lines.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t end there. In anime characters are potrayed in such a way that their intentions are transparent to the viewer. This makes us ‘trust’ them. What did I just say? It feels a little odd, I mean how could you trust something far that is far from real (I won’t go into the scientific aspect of this)? We see in them honesty, at least we are able to read them because of the way they are potrayed, like I had mentioned before. I would be happy if everyone of us took a lesson from anime. All what I have said and even more make it special. You can make it more special by learning something good from it.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Just my observation. Thank you for taking the time to read.