Though I haven’t watched the first season, I jumped right to this. Haganai NEXT is a harem-like comedy and a little bit of romance. It felt somewhat unique watching this because for the first time I felt like an anime wasn’t centered around its characters (or at least I didn’t see it that way). It’s difficult to explain, although here is a blunt try: I didn’t care about any of the characters at the end. Everyone was just there, played their role and before I knew it the show was over. Frankly, nothing much happens throughout the show. Let’s start with the main characters, wait. Were there four or five (including the maid)? Alright, four plus one. MAL pointed out that one of the genres of the show was harem. The guy in the ‘harem’ definition was not hard to find, although they revealed the girl who liked him only later (don’t pounce on me people who have watched the first season). But I must admit, it didn’t feel a lot like the other harem title I’ve watched (Clannad). There were girls, but no one who was head over heels for the guy. I am glad that they kept the harem and romance part aside for most of the series. The rest was just comedy, power off your brain and watch it like it is a soap opera. Now is the part where I talk about my favorite character who is undoubtedly Sena. She’s that one character who lacks nothing. If anything, it is common-sense but only to her rival-friend. She does what she loves to do and cares absolutely nothing about anything else. Whatever it is, she sure is the shining star of the series. Another interesting feature about the show is the way it introduces new characters. Surprising as it may be, new characters do not really affect the direction of the story. That’s mainly because two of the main characters are such big mouths that they totally commandeer the series in the direction they want. That is one of the factors which explains why this anime is not bad. It’s just not great (because nothing happens) but at least they don’t ruin it. Finally, I would like to say that it was enjoyable. There are rare scenes where you would think that the show could have down without it. I hope another season comes out, I’ll surely watch that. Oh, and I’ll watch the prequel to this first! I feel within that Haganai NEXT deserved a little higher rank (a 100 ranks up) than where it presently stands, but most people who watch it are in a dilemma of whether to give it a 7, 8 or a 9. Because it isn’t good enough for a 9, but not bad enough for 7. I gave it an 8 :)