[Spoiler Alert]

All that hype! The show sincerely deserved all that though. I’m just here to spoil it a little with my reviewing, but don’t you mind that fans, because I too loved the show in all sincerity. Humans are nearly extinct. Man-eating Titans the which can reach heights of around 60 meters in height are by and large. To protect themselves from Titans, humans built themselves a colony surrounded by three large walls. But a hundred years later, a massive Titan appears out of thin air and destroys the gate of the outermost wall. Which leaves an entrance to the outside world. The Titan world. As Titans enter the city, the go on a man-eating spree. Powerless humans have no choice but to leave their belongings and evacuate to the inner walls. As

One of the main points about this show is that it excelled even though the characters were not developed so well. In fact the MCs weren’t done according to the viewer’s expectation at all. Take the protagonist for example. Eren showed signs of a rock solid personality during the beginning of the show. But all that diminished after he joined the Scouts. Where did all the “I will kill every last one of them” determination go? Also, even before joining the Scouts there was a scene where he had to move boulder to block the outermost gate. He had to be reminded by Armin of his desire to go out of the gates and venture into uncharted areas. That act took a huge penalty on the viewer’s opinion of his personality. Eren had potential alright, but honestly at times I have to remind myself ‘Why a guy like him became a protagonist’, only because he can transform into a Titan. His character gets totally shadowed by the other characters, and apart from the fact that he can transform into a Titan, I ended up looking at him as an ordinary character. He was overshadowed by other characters. Not that they made any great impact. But still, some made more impression than Eren in half the time (like Levy). Misaka is another person of interest partly because she is (sooooo) cute. Why was she prepared to put her life on the line for Eren like that? Whatever her reasons were, they should have at least hinted on them. But if they’re saying that the only reason for that is because he had saved her from the kidnappers, doesn’t mean that she has to throw away her life for him. As for Eren, I didn’t see any scene where I thought he cared about Misaka. All he did was tell her not to join the Scouts for example, and she would obviously resent. That just felt so pointless. Times like these made Eren suck all the more. Attack on Titan would have made it even higher in the rankings and obviously would be more fun to watch only if the main characters had been better.

It’s not only the MCs, for the main flaws in Attack on Titan lie in their characters. Potato girl for example. She was given a good introduction, a fine comedy one. But later, they didn’t do anything to develop her character even though she stayed alive till the end. Jon was made quite better than the others. His character was explored well for his role in the anime. He felt how powerless he was to defend the city, and he really thought of others and looked at the wider picture. He caused some good quotes to be spoken in this anime. Same goes for Armin, not bad for the amount of screen time he got. His master strategies were very well thought of, and I liked his character. I feel really dumb saying this but honestly, it seemed as though the creators of this story belittled the characters that couldn’t fight well, and showed to the viewer that either you fight well or be eaten. At one point it makes you think, ‘why send in people unable to fight that well?’ just send the elite troops for Christ’s sake.

When any character died, it didn’t make you too sad since they weren’t developed so well in the first place. There were a handful though, like Levy’s team. Speaking of Levy’s team, I became fond of Oluo and Petra (loved her!) through the course of the second half of the anime and was much saddened by how they died. Petra’s death was horrible. I quite liked how Mikasa on the other hand didn’t bear even a scratch on a battlefield where hundreds were killed in masses. Seemed to me like with enough gas, she could take down all the Titan’s in the world.

Shingeki no Kyojin portrayed an anime with fine strategy. Armin was the boss! Erwin was pretty awesome too, except when he knew who the female Titan was, he should have lured her out of the city and then engaged her. But even from his prospective it was not possible since outside, it was all barren so nowhere to use their ODM gear. It makes sense for him to try to capture her in the forest. Only if it would have worked. I suppose he had to resort to their final option of taking her down in the city. Even then, he had a contingency plan of taking her underground before engaging her. She was too smart to fall for that. I would have suggested to take her out quietly while she was not aware of impending attack. It’s quite heartless of me to say this but even if their conjecture was false, one life would be lost. Whereas if it really was her, hundreds would be saved.

That ends all the points I picked up from the anime. Now to the scoring. The animation was amazing, it is what gave the series such a boost in their fandom. 9/10 for animation. The story was great too, although this season felt like a arc in a bigger setting. 8/10 for the story. You know how I feel about the characters. 5/10.

Lastly, thank you for reading my review. I hope that you enjoyed it. Don’t take my rant seriously, I loved this show even though it may not seem like it ;)