Barakamon has earned it’s place in one of my best and favourite anime of 2014. I’m a big fan of slice of life and Barakamon is surely one of my favourite from that genre! The story starts with Handa Seishuu, a calligrapher who wins a calligraphy competition is criticized badly about his calligraphy by a director and punches him in the face. As a result, Handa’s dad sends him away to an island. Upon arriving, Handa is brought to a closely knitted community where he meets Naru, a hyper, young little girl and her friends who he grows fond of.

Like every character in Barakamon is so likable especially the MC and Naru. All their friends are also so adorable. It’s a comedy anime and there were many places which made me laugh till my stomach hurt. I am going to watch this soon again. Slice of life genre depicted at its best. You will love all the characters by the end of this show, and miss them too. I don’t have much to say, just be sure to watch it xD