All the wrong moves with Zankyou no Terror

Some people loved this, while some did not. Zankyou no terror is a controversial anime. There is just enough of everything, well planned, decent characters and even the story is quite gripping. In some ways I liked it, but it left huge plot holes like: Why didn’t Nine and Twelve gather evidence using their intelligence and diligence and tell the authorities about the Athena plan? Though they were kids, surely evidence would have donethe talking. Instead, they went to do things the hard way by bombing places strategically in Japan, conveying the message in an indirect way. It is like they wanted to say, “Look, we are going through all this trouble, so we obviously have a strong motive”. They expected a detective to understand what they were trying to convey even if no one else got it. By all means, that’s a rash way of thinking things out. That’s friggin’ how TEENAGERS think; which they are, factually.

The second thing that bothers me is Five. I’m not even sure what that hell her motive was! Did she want to kiss the love of her life or did she want the goddamn plutonium back. I don’t even. After causing everybody more trouble than required, randomly she suicides with a smile on her face. What the f***?!

These are the two main issues I found with this anime and they pretty much constitute the main plot. LOL. It wasn’t a bad watch. Everything about it is mediocre including its soundtracks, but the story is f’d up.