The story begins with Kousei Arima, a pianist who has pitch perfect playing skills, playing in a music competition. Suddenly, he is unable to hear the notes of the piano that he is playing. Frustrated and nervous he goes off tune and eventually stops. After that he never plays the piano until Kaori Miyazono enters his life. She rekindles his interest in playing the piano and enjoying music.

Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso shines as an evergreen anime. Few titles have earned that badge. It can even make a person who has sealed up their heart love once again, appreciate the melodious music and at times make your eyes moist. I loved this anime so very much!

Shigatsu comprises of rare genres such as music, slice of life, drama and romance. The pacing feels great, there is always a competition around the corner which they passionately prepare for. Music is given a lot of importance and it does not feel shadowed by drama or romance.

Everything about this anime has been crafted masterfully. The characters have not been spared either. They are good-natured, selfless and have a good spirit of friendship.

It is the story that steals the largest slice of the cake. The story is what won most of my heart (Kaori won the rest!). True fact, that there is a little bit of fore-shadowing, but you will still ensue watching it because it is too beautiful to miss.

Reviewer’s personal note: You know how much I loved it by now. I began taking a keen interest in music, violins especially after I finished watching it. Being left-handed it is unconventional to play the violin left-handed (bow in the left hand). I want to start learning to play one. One of my favourite music genres is Jazz <3