The successor to Sword Art Online is quite an eye-catching anime with superb visuals and charatcer development. Quite contrasting to Season 1, this made good use of the interesting premise that it was most entertaining to watch. Initially, I wasn’t harbouring great expectations. I had checked its rating on MAL and it was lower than what the first season got. I was just looking to watch a good action anime, and I knew the visuals would be good and since I have seen the first season it seemed like a good idea to to give SAO 2 a shot. And boy, I was swept off my feet.

SAO 2 is divided into three arcs. The first arc being the longest which lasted for around 13-14 episodes. The Gun Gale Online arc. GGO is another VRMMO where players can use guns as well as swords although ideally it’s like a FPS. Kirito is asked for help by a government offical to investigate serial murders caused from inside the game. No one knows how the murders are being committed because the new nervegear (forgot its name) cannot generate life threatning high energy waves unlike its predecessor which was bascially the reason behind SAO 1. The killing is done simply, the culprit shoots a player in-game and the player in reality dies of heart failure. The method is fairly obvious, and the culprit is predictable too. Still, even if you manage to figure it all out you will probably sit around to confirm your conjecture. It is interesting ‘enough’ keep you hooked. Of course, there are fights. They will remind you of Star Wars haha :D

The arc after GGO is the Excalibur arc. Mostly a filler arc I would say since it does not contribute much to the overall story. However, it is not disappointing in the least. Depends on your liking, I wasn’t too thrilled by it personally.

SAO 2 concludes with the Mother Rosario arc. One of the most touching and tear-jerking arcs I have ever come across. Backed up with a great back-story it fulfils the SAO experience with a sad but an ending you will remember. Many have cried, and I almost did.

I would say SAO 2 has met diversity in a rather unique way. Three arcs for three kinds of persons. My favourite were GGO and Mother Rosario. In GGO I enjoyed watching the fights and how I wished the future could offer us technology which would enable us to full-dive into games. Mother Rosario had its feels, I need feels from time to time and anime serves as my abode.