I found Haikyuu to be greatly enjoyable, and even though sports and athletics is not really my thing and I haven’t played volleyball I could still appreciate and share the emotions of the characters. From the beginning, the concept of team work and the fact that a match is won as a ‘we’ not an ‘I’ was emphaisised and it lived up to its expectations truthfully. Like all good anime, the characters played an amazing role in the great feeling that this anime gave. I knew I was gritting my teeth all along while watching the matches. The competition! Those real emotions! This anime could not have been more realistic. For a volleyball player, I cannot say but I certainly hope most people found this to be a treat.

As the anime progressed, I was slightly reminded of Chihayafuru of how competitive the tourneys are and how the competitiors put in their hearts and souls into them. Chihayafuru was being very realistic about the emotions and feeling of characters during the games and I felt the same here too. As for the demography, there were a few female characters. There was Shimizu who was around to help their coach and sensei with the chores and stuff, but I am still unclear about her actual job and her motive for sticking around. Was it because of some guy? I doubt it though.

The pacing feels a bit slow, considering I just watched The Seven Deadly Sins which has some remarkable pacing. But the story and the overall consistency of this anime more than make up for it which makes it seem like a small quirk in the end, a small topic that just fades away when you discuss the anime with someone. For a simple game like volleyball, a bystander will assume that players are knocking the ball around with no particular strategy in mind much less complicated strategies like reverse psychology (I don’t even). But Haikyuu strips the game apart showing you the harsh reality of what real competition is like. At first, Haikyuu was centered on one (or perhaps two) characters but as the anime progressed all the characters in the team got the spotlight repeatedly. As far as the character development for the sake of the plot goes, Haikyuu gave it quite adequately. Well, how can you expect to go in depth into the lives of 11 different characters without making it into a slice of life and drama anime! Ha! Haikyuu had one aim in mind, volleyball. No romance, several small doses of comedy from time to time and of course a feeling of brotherhood. Whether you are interested in volleyball or any other sport or you just want to watch an anime pushed towards perfection, it’s your choice but I sure am glad there is a second season since I am already starting to miss it.