The seven deadly sins the by far the anime that I have enjoyed the most. It has been made (by a genius, or by pure luck?) who strived to keep great pacing and an amazing story. But the ace in the hole for this particular anime is its fights. THE FIGHTS! My gosh, they are brilliantly done and completely riveting.

The anime comprises of a princess named Elizabeth (Liz) who comes in search of the seven deadly sins to fight off the holy knights who are holding the king (her father) in a powerless position. Thank god this did not get any more political than that (unlike Log Horizon), probably because it couldn’t. Haven’t you heard of the saying, “Only the strongest will survive”?. Oh yes, baby. They cut all the talking crap and brawled mercilessly. Let me say it again, the fight scenes are INSANE!. If you have even a remote interest in watching superhuman fights, this is the right anime for you. A review on youtube described it as a dragon ball fight without the huge buildups. It’s got a lot of fantasy like fairy tail does, but you know how in the end it all comes down to how powerful you are. Well, Nanatsu no Taizai completely does that justice.

Liz first encounters Meliodas, the dragon sin of wrath who takes her along with him since they share a common goal to find the 6 other deadly sins. This anime is basically a very well orchestrated shounen anime with fantasy, magic and superpowers all ccombined into one. The appealing bit is that it brings itself out as the best shounen anime I have ever seen. It shone on all the points that I was looking for, and at the end was immensely enjoyable.

During the battles, attacks are reused but it’s different most of the time. Unlike anime like Naruto in which Naruto uses the shadow clone jutsu against every enemy right from the beginning (it gets so annoying at times). There is reuse in Nanatsu no Taizai, but it definitely does not feel like they reused a clip of animation to save money or just to make the work easier. For a 25 episode anime, attack combos is a rarity. There are so many of those combinations, and the mangaka actually enjoyed the task of making up the name of two attacks combined in one.