Help! The monster inside of me will explode – Johan Leibert

This one is a proper psychological thriller. Though I watched only the anime, checking out the reviews and other things told me that the anime is a faithful implementation of the manga. Normally a psychological + thriller would happen to be my favorite genre, but I felt like Monster had to really earn my favoritism for it. Probable cause was that the series starts off a bit slow, except for all the drama in the beginning.

The characters are nice and friendly, not particularly ones that you would remember and get stuck in your head, albeit fun to watch while the series lasts. I had taken a break from the series after completing the first few episodes, maybe because I was not ready for that much cruelty and violence at the time. But, I would say that once I started watching again, I was quite hooked. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys watching anime for its kawaii nature. Well maybe there are exceptions 😅, but jokes aside I really root for the good stories out there.

Monster by all means has a very gripping story. I wouldn’t want to even give you a hint of what the story is like, because of its inherent complexity, it would be hard to giveaway without revealing a large chunk of spoilers. The only problem is that I was expecting a little more from Monster than what it had to offer in the end. However, that was kind of made up in the last scene. Then again, I felt like there was a disregard for the accountability for the murders that were committed during the series’s course.

I really hadn’t heard many things about this series before. But that does not come off as a surprise now to be honest. There is just a lack of luster to the anime that the more contemporary ones have in abundance to offer. There is also a blatant lack in romance especially for the sheer length of the series. It made me think that the author really wanted to deliver the point of the story rather than indulging in shenanigans for the sake of completeness. That is what makes Monster unique. It is great in the way that it is completely distraction free, but it is also the victim of its own character.

I felt like the author would have been content with the way the series ended, but I don’t think I felt the same. There is just a lingering lack of completeness and lack of accountability about everything. Perhaps that is what the author had intended in the first place, to leave the readers and viewers in a state of limbo, right on top of the fence, without dropping off to either side.

I am not really sure whether I should recommend this, but as far as psychological thrillers go, I think this is one of the good ones. So if you are a fan like I am, by all means give it a go 😉