This was indeed a special anime! It’s rare for me to like a love story as much as I liked “I want to eat your pancreas”. I won’t lie, this was like my 5 centimeter per second. I felt hype about it today, but I may not be able to justify today’s hype tomorrow. That being said, I reckon it has a higher re-watch value than 5 centimeter. But let’s not spend another moment comparing the two because this review is only about eating pancreas and with the right amount of cooking, seasoning… you get the point.

I’ll let you in on my usual rant about ratings. Now that I think about it… it should have been rated much higher! What were people thinking? Maybe it’s just going to be like the underdog Hunter x Hunter was. That reminds me, I need to review HxH some time soon before I forget the whole story. Maybe that’ll give me all the more reason to watch it again 😭. Oh how miserable I’ve become.

Coming back to pancreatic eating, or whatever you want to call it (pancreatic feeding, sorry)… I truly think I should recommend this to everyone, because I felt this story was different. In what way you might ask? I felt like the characters were genuine, they had their quirks and they knew about them. At the same time, it felt like the story did not touch upon their quirks, in a very non-judgemental way. You don’t see that too often. Most anime have things like, “this character is like this”, the trait in question about them is either cute, or cringey at best. This anime didn’t make the story about the characteristics or the characters themselves, but managed to weave a story around them and let the viewers figure them out like they were real people. That’s what I really loved, it felt really original and mature.

Kyouko being grumpy

The reason I gave this a 10/10 is because it delivered a strong message. Without spoiling it any further, I want to emphasize once again–its non-judgementalness (if that’s even a word), and the general nonchalance of the main characters towards what the world thinks. It may not seem immediately obvious why it sent such a message, but it also kinda reassures you for being you. It shows that there are qualities in you that you may not realize, but others do and they appreciate you for it even if they may not tell you forthwith. You may not even remember this once you start watching it, because a lot of the deep, insightful dialogues transpire quickly and all at once making the whole thing seem like an unrelated off-hand remark by which you’d be left wondering “how did this anime get so deep all of a sudden?”

That’s how it is… unseemingly complex is how I’d put it. Get ready for a tale with cuteness, plot-twists, deep insights on relationships and some good ol’ romance because I felt this story has it all and that too in giant meaty chunks. Enjoy!