In this corner of the world is a movie about war, World War II specifically and its impact on the protagonist of the story, Suzu. Contrary to other war-like themes, this anime is centered around the slice of life aspect. War plays a significant role in shaping the narrative, but the focus of the story was to portray its impact on the livelihood of people, both before and after the catastrophic nuclear bombings.

What really stood out for me was the carefree nature of the protagonist in such serious times. I suppose that in itself created the ‘art’ behind the story. Suzu is an unusual character to be a protagonist. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fantastic character. It’s just that normally you would find protagonists to not be airheaded. But her role really fits greatly into the backdrop of the nightmare-ish war to uplift the chaos and pallor.

I read some funny reviews on MAL stating they found the timelines confusing. You really don’t need to worry about them even if you don’t understand them. Don’t apply too much of your little gray cells and just enjoy the movie. This movie is unlike Grave of the fireflies. I barely remember what Grave of the fireflies was like, but I know it’s way different from that. Grave was based around a tragedy. In this corner of the world is based around the life story of an ordinary girl and how she handles the various aspects of her life. Tragedy is one aspect, but the movie is not centered around it by any means. Grave of the fireflies leaves you with a different taste in your mouth. You would also end up feeling much better watching In this corner of the world than you would Grave of the fireflies due to its predominantly upbeat nature. It’s also one of those movies with a great rewatch value. due to the plethora of scenes and characters and their changing personalities. I would also venture out to say that it’s a little underrated, it should be top 100.

battleships amid scenery

There are several beautiful scenes to feast your eyes upon, not to mention the protagonist has the talents of an artist. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience on a Sunday afternoon amid a lockdown. It’s not everyday you get lucky with a great movie. I had the intention to write the review a little earlier sometime last month. I’m two weeks too late. In any case, if you intend to watch the movie, I certainly hope that you enjoy it!

Take care.