I’ve been wanting to write this review since I completed watching Non non biyori a month ago, not because of a perfunctory obligation but because Non non biyori is unique in its own right among other anime I’ve seen. There are heartwarming vibes emanating from this anime. I know I make it sound weird, but no cheese intended. It’s an almost episodic show, or more over it’s made to look episodic but there are callbacks from earlier episodes as you go on.

The premise is about four girls, of different ages in different grades in school and the entirety of the story takes place in the countryside. So if you haven’t experienced the Japanese countryside in an anime, I think Non non biyori would give you a pretty good insight into what life is like there. The plot explores a lot of countryside related tropes which is a good reason to watch this. But what really takes center stage are the characters of the four girls, their friendship and comedy.

As the genres might have already told you, it’s a slice of life anime. If you are into slice of life anime, you are going to love this! But even if you aren’t, I’d say the comedy and uniqueness of the plot should keep you rooted. The four characters are of course adorable <3

It’s a kind of anime that would leave you in a better mood than before you started watching it. 10/10 would recommend!

Screenshot from episode 7