I watched this after Non non biyori, and straight off I couldn’t help but compare the two because how similar they are in terms of genres (which is also something I realized after a few episodes). When I think about it, there seem to be quite a few similarities between the two like how Makoto is a newcomer into town, and in Non non biyori there is Hotaru who is under the same predicament. Another similarity is the mostly female demographic of both anime. But Flying witch seems like an anime which can explore its premise a lot due there being a magic element.

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Pretty much the whole show felt like they were exploring the cool and strange things of the world of witches. I thought it was cool to have this show as a single cour show for what it had to offer. It’s not story heavy. The characters play a fairly important role, but it’s not really about its characters either. I mean, they don’t dive deep into the lives of the characters to give them that kind of development. The story was mainly built around exploring the witch world’s premise. I’d say a little bit like Harry Potter, but without Hogwarts or any of the good and evil drama. But even the story felt really static, I mean it really didn’t paint a clear picture of what the characters were trying to achieve and how they would go about achieving their dreams. That maybe due to the lighthearted nature of it, however keeping things so kept it from latching on to me… you know the feeling?

The characters in my opinion were not at the topmost tier of likable, because I suppose they did not explore the character stories deeply. But then again Flying witch wasn’t really going for that. It seemed like a pretty chill anime that you’d wanna watch to relax. The episodes were mostly episodic, but then again there were some that continued the story in later episodes.

Overall, watching it will make you feel good if you are into lighthearted stuff. I gave it a 9, I don’t quite remember my exact feelings from that time, but if I gave it such a rating then it must have left me with some real good vibes!

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