This blog has been brought back to life with Jekyll.

Speaking of Jekyll, I think it has got a lot of good things going for it. For instance, its default theme minima. It’s got everything that I need!

Also, you can install themes as gems! Pretty cool, right? You could even use Sass to come up with your own styles. As you might have guessed already, it has got built-in Sass support.

I tried Hugo before this, but I didn’t find it as intuitive as this little framework. I wasn’t able to see my blog after following the steps on their quickstart page which I found a little weird.

I was trying different things, because I thought maybe Jekyll had become too mainstream since Github was recommending it. Lol! It seems like they have an integrated pipeline specifically for Jekyll and Github Pages, or at least something of the sort! Otherwise, how would you explain the fact that the site loads fine even though there is not even an index.html in the repository root, not to mention there are no stylesheets either.

But I suppose my tendency to try out all the new and hip software rather than those that have a long legacy behind them has been in vain, and I’ve found exactly what I was looking for.

A big thanks to the Jekyll team, and a warm welcome to my blog :)