I recently moved from Atlantic.net as my service provider to Everdata.com. I mostly switched because Everdata was providing way better plans at better prices (now, now, I’m not promoting anyone here… 😉) and most importantly because it Everdata is a homegrown company and my VPS would also be hosted India 💜

In any case, that’s not the whole story.

As is usual in life, I encountered a ditch before I settled softly on Everdata as my VPS provider. While trying out different options, a certain VPS provider (that I do not wish to name) provided me pretty awful service and because of that, I asked for a refund and looked elsewhere.

Earlier at Atlantic, I had a stack of 1 core and 512 Mb RAM. However, my new provider gives me 2 cores and 4 Gb of RAM! Of course, it costs way more, but still it’s reasonable for the current market price. Today is the day I paid for the second month and I’m so happy! :D

Apologies for my absence, and the absence of this blog for quite some time. If only the transition to the new provider was smoother and with fewer hitches, the downtime would have been less. In any case, here I am and I’m here to stay!